Saturday, August 18, 2007

Behind a Counter in a Small Town

I fell in love with her. I fell in love with her hard and fast. I fell in love with her from the second I laid eyes on here. I fell in love with her in the middle of Austria. I fell in love with a city called Vienna.

What a place!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I Just Want to Scream, Hellooooooo

The expo is over. Another one bites the dust. A full wrap up report/media/pictures is soon to come. Right now though, Karsten just dropped me off at the hotel and what can I say, for the first time ever I feel very homesick. Some people know why, but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I know I'm coming back home to an empty house for a day and then I'm jetting away for another 2 weeks.

With all this in mind though, a tremendous amount of work got done this week in the background masked by all the good press and the seemingly never-ending line waiting to speak to us. There is a ton of news to come soon, I promise. As for now, even through all the loneliness, I have an odd feeling of infinite hope and I take away a renewed commitment. A renewed commitment to many many things. We'll see whether that ends up being good or bad.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I was there. Section 121, Row 28, Seat 8. It was surreal, after the two prior at bats, we all knew it was coming. The stadium exploded and strangers were slapping each other five and giving each other hugs. I almost fell on top of Dave I was so excited. Good, bad, controversial for sure, whatever it was, I was there as a witness to history.

Monday, August 06, 2007

It's My Blooooood

Someone just asked me if I did have to chose a lyric for the last post what would it have been? It's my blood. Courtesy of Pearl Jam of their second album Vs. Track #7. Enjoy.

To Infinity and Beyond

I know some of my blog reading faithful will be shocked. I've deviated from my standard of titling posts after alterna-rock lyrics. What is this dude thinking? Well listen up, its with good reason.

Today, I'm at LinuxWorld in San Francisco and I've just wrapped up a set of press interviews along with our very good friends from the Creative Commons. Whats the skinny you ask? I'll tell you, but only because I like you. Today we have announced (link to press release) the first step in what is a long term partnership between Fedora and he Creative Commons. That first step is the CC LiveContent Distribution (available off the Fedora torrent site), built on Fedora, available to all.

The story is as follows. After we broke our backs getting Fedora 7 and all the little bits and pieces in place to let people remix it out the door, we were wondering who would come knocking at our door. That's the beauty of the culture in which we operate, you never known from whence innovation will come, all you can do release something that will hopefully be useful to someone and marvel at the results of what they come back to you with. Anyway, luckily enough Creative Commons had been fishing around for a while for a platform upon which they could build a distribution that will be used to proliferate and educate people about Open Content. They had already been looking at using Fedora for this and then I met Jon Philips, and the rest as they say, is history.

Around a month and a half ago we sat down and defined what needed to be done, why, and how we were going to go about doing it. The result is CC LiveContent v1.0 (direct torrent link), a Fedora-based live-cd distro jam packed with educational material about CC, CC licensed content and a set of applications with which you can manipulate that content. Remix your OS, your content. As I'm known for saying, it's all good in the hood. Don't just sit there, make something, dammit!

I am personally proud to be standing here. One reason is because I have been busting my ass to make sure this happens. (Well not really, the credit really goes to Tim Vollmer and Scott Shawcroft of CC, but I tried!) The second reason is that with the release of Fedora 7 and the opening up of our build process and tools such as pungi and revisor, we have really tried to position Fedora as more than just a Linux distro and the reason we have been encouraging the masses to "Remix" their fedora is that we have tried and pushed over the past 3 years to transform Fedora into a true platform for innovation.

That innovation occurs on a number of levels, there is of course the technical excellence which we always strive to live up to and which we are well-known for. Then there is innovation in other areas which need a viable platform through which to deliver their message to the masses. There is also innovation in unexplored areas that we will only find out when we afford the community the ability to go about and explore those themselves. We have positioned Fedora to act as a platform for whatever it is you are interested in and to that effect, we have done well.

Obviously, as members of the open source community, one of the causes which we are passionate about is Open Content and as such we are proud to partner with Creative Commons who have, for the same reasons described above, chosen Fedora to server as the basis for their LiveConent Distribution.

The purpose of the LiveContent Distribution is to act as as tool and an enabler to both educate people about what Creative Commons is and does, and to provide them the tools and a selection of content with which they can begin to explore the remix culture and how endless the possibilities really are when a culture of collaboration is fostered, not detested.

Clearly not everyone understands computer software, so trying to reach out to people about freedom, democracy and rights at a software level alone would be a huge fallacy.

Open Software, Open Content, Free Culture and the hope for a better tomorrow side-by-side, forging a brighter future for tomorrow's programmers AND artists, children, educators, creators and consumers, society in general.

Code or content, pick whichever one you want to explore; they are both there on one handy disc.

That being said, there are many people who deserve thanks. First and foremost, Max Spevack, for being the greatest leader Fedora has ever had and a true champion of everything we believe in. Max busts his ass all day every day through thick and thin to make sure this machine keeps on rolling. Greg DeKeonigsberg, for well, being Greg and constantly reminding us that thinking is a good thing and to always push the boundary. The Fedora Board and the Fedora crew within Red Hat who really have thankless jobs and yet give it their all on a daily basis. The Fedora community who won't ever stop harassing us to fix whats broken and make things even better for them all the time and especially those who contribute back, we all owe you thanks. Jesse for pungi. Jon, Jeroen and Bob and the Fedora Unity folks for spearheading the Revisor project. The NYC interns, Mo, Yankee, Arjun, Hunter, Ben, James and Bobby for doing some awesome work over this summer and who still aren't sure that I don't work for Creative Commons, I hope you guys can stay part of the Fedora family. The Red Hat PR team who so gracefully handled all of the press stuff for this, including Caroline, Kerri and Leigh. Last but not least, I think a huge thank you of the largest proportions needs to go out to Matthew Szulik, who really works himself to the bone every day trying to run a company which can at the same time be public, profitable, accountable and yet so righteous and benevolent and who affords Fedora the freedoms with which it operates. The whole concept of Fedora was such a radical idea and here we are years later still going strong and it is only due to the dedication, persistence and wisdom of great people. For giving of yourselves to make this life just a little better for ourselves and others. For that, thanks.


This got backlogged due to all of the stuff I had to deal with before I up and disappear for close to month, but here it finally is.

OSCON, in a word, kicked ass. Okay, so two words. Aside from the fact that my luggage was lost for most of the time I was there, people were really impressed with our booth setup and with our commitment to the community. Let me explain.

We went in figuring that we would get railed due to the fact a large majority of people there would be there for Ubuntu live as well. I thought that at least every other person would walk up to us and say "Ive Switched." In fact, what we got was the exact opposite. We even got Ubuntu users AND developers coming up to us and tell us that we are doing some really cool stuff in Fedora. Boy, if they could only see the future!

A large number of people were visibly distraught at the fact that they paid $700 bucks for Ubuntu live and then Ubuntu didn't have an OSCON booth and not a single CD was there to be had. Naturally, they thought that Fedora would be the best place to vent this anger. After speaking to many of them, it seems as though they couldn't care less which distro they were running, they cared more about having someone at these shows representing their "clan" and someone they can vent their frustrations and delights at. Us being there worked well in this case.

I cannot begin to tell you how many people were so extremely enthusiastic about our little PS3 demo. People were walking up to us left and right asking us, "Hey is that Fedora on the PS3? That's wicked Cool!" I know, thats why I thought we should be showing that off. We even had a couple of IBM developers walk by us and tell us, "All of the cool innovation happens in Fedora anyway." Thats a direct quote.

That quote sums it up pretty efficiently and we heard alot of that stuff especially after Dave Jones' "Why Userspace Sucks" talk. It was really nice to have people acknowledge what we've been saying all along--we are the ones driving innovation forward.

Also, and this goes without saying, the OLPC was a massive draw. Everyone was really interesting in finally seeing the machines which will lead us to the promised land and did we ever deliver! We had non stop action around the thing. Education people, software people, government people, social movement people, a group of economists and we even had a monk come by and give us a benediction and thank us for contributing to such an awesome project.

We have some video footage which will go up somewhere once we have it in our hands. Other than that, I think that OSCON was the proper venue to re-invigorate the troops and to prove to everyone that not only will we not stop, but we are pushing forward even more quickly, with some pretty interesting initiatives and with a renewed commitment to our community showing that the Fedora 7 milestone wasn't the end of anything, it was simply the beginning of all the awesomeness to come.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Come Party With Fedora

Hey all you geeks in the valley or those making your way to LinuxWorld Expo SF! This is an open invitation to come on down and experience Fedora like you've never experienced it before. Heck, come experience open source, open content, free culture and lots of giveaways the way you never have before.

As part our booth goings on at LinuxWorld, we have a very special set up. I can't give it away, but you should know that you'll be stepping into the hottest party north of L.A.!!! We'll be asking you why you love Fedora, how you love Fedora, enabling people to create great open content, talking smack about the future of freedom as it applies to geekdom at large, showcasing some amazing hardware and software, and giving away tons of great stuff.

Oh yeah, did I mention the Live DJs, Fedora Kool Aid and free downloadable music?

It only gets better from there.

Plus, you'll get details about the Fedora BoF happening Wednesday night and very special after party and get together.

See you in SF August 7-9 2007 for the party of your open source, open content, geeked-out-to-the-max-and-loving-it life!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

If There Was a Reason, It Was You

You know who you are....

Don't even think about reachin' me,
I won't be home.
Don't even think about stoppin' by,
Don't think of me at all.
I did, what I had to do
If there was a reason, it was you...

Don't even think about gettin' inside,
Voices in my head, voices.
I've got scratches, all over my arms,
One for each day, since I fell apart.
I did, what I had to do,
If there was a reason, it was you...

Footsteps in the hall, it was you,
Pictures on my chest, it was you,
It was you...

I did, what I had to do,
And if there was a reason,
There wasn't no reason,
And if, there's something you'd like to do,
Just let me continue, to blame you...

Footsteps in the hall, it was you.
Pictures on my chest, it was you.