Monday, January 19, 2009

Get Started in KVM

I've recently had some good chats with the Qumranet guys, specifically revolving around community engagement and how to integrate more Fedora community members. A number of community members, both red hat and non, have been expressing alot of interest in this stuff for the last few month.

The KVM guys gave me some general guidelines, and I threw something together on the wiki here. If anyone has some time to devote to triage, that could probably be the biggest help right now and also if anyone wants to start hacking KVM and would like a mentor, the Qumranet guys are more than happy to oblige. Email me and I can hook you up with someone.

Otherwise, I hope that wiki page holds some useful info and serves as a central point of information exchange and that people will add stuff as we go, especially when SPICE and SolidICE are opened up to the world.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fudcon Under Ice

FUDCon + Boston + January = Blizzard!

Woke up to close to a foot of fresh snowfall, car is buried, very cold!

Anyway, so far FUDCon has been great, despite the fact that I am severely jet-lagged. On Friday, spent most of the day with Clint, David, Ian and Karsten in 395 putting working on the AmbassadorKits, some marketing stuff and just general chit chat. Walked around some, caught some random people and tried to make sure people were taking pictures for the Fedora Picture Book we are working on and spoke to Colby very briefly early on to make sure we get testimonials for the video thingy.

Looking forward to Today, just need to manage to get the car out from under the ice!