Tuesday, March 29, 2005

March Madness

Well, March truly is the season of madness. I haven't blogged in a while and people have been wondering where I am, so I would like to oblige them with an answer--right here. Jack hasn't gone anywhere. The month has been pretty hectic. First of all there is the mandatory school stuff, which doesn't suck but needs to get done and often times takes a large amount of time to do. Secondly, traveling has been the ongoing theme this month, mostly back and forth, but nonetheless, the odometer is running. Spring break was uneventful as well.

Haven't done too many fun things lately--except the tourney. I've been following it extensively and getting ready for baseball as well, watching some spring training. I've been not feeling well pretty much the whole month. One thing to the next to the next, so I have been to the doctor more than a few times, rackin' up them bills! For break I just spent some time reading various things and working on projects I've been meaning to get done. Alot of VoIP and robotics stuff, mostly. The rest of the month has been pretty much the same working on school, side projects and helping out someone with a secret. Hopefully, I will be able to tell everyone what it is soon now. It's been under wraps for a while, and I've been devoting time to it, but hopefully soon I will be able to share. It kicks ass though, really.

Spent some time recording some songs too. Not bad. Anyway, that's about it. Need to finish reading a few things and take some pills and get to bed, but a lot of stuff is out of the way now. I promise to updated frequently. Including some posts about some current events that I meant to write about but didn't have time.