Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Satellite, In My... Ears?

Well it's official. Reports are coming in to me that my favorite radio station 92.3 FM KROCK in New York City is officially dead. Not Exactly. The truth is that they have decided to change formats to some weird ass mix of 70's, 80's and 90's rock. So far everyone is saying that it is terrible and that although they are playing more Classic Rock, there is already another Classic Rock station in NYC, 104.3 that is much better. I have also heard that they fired all the on air DJs and have bought into something called JACK-FM. This is somewhat like an IPod on shuffle with a commercial every once in a while, usually mocking Sirius. After speaking to some people online, I have realize that this JACK-FM crap is invading radio stations across the country. Some people are even saying that this is Infinity Broadcasting's way of getting back at Howard Stern, and that XM is funding this JACK-FM nonsense. One thing they did that is good however, is create Krock2, which is the streaming version of the station that plays only modern alternative rock.

Whatever happens though, its official, New York has lost its only Modern Alt Rock station. This couldn't have happened at a more opportune time, now that I have Sirius. I was wondering what was up with a bunch of the Krock DJs being on Sirius. I figured some took a second job with Sirius, since it was in Manhattan anyway. Well, looks like I found my answer. Regardless, Sirius kicks ass! Aside from it being completely commercial free, almost all the former Krock DJs are on it, and I'm happy about that. This includes Demos, who I used to call into late at night, when he did the overnight weekend shifts at Krock, Matt Pinfield who has an awesome show, and they even got Will Pendarvis, who used to be on Krock and moved to LA. It's awesome. The only downside is that XM has baseball, which is XM's one saving grace. I got around that though by getting an mlb.tv password. Viva Sirius!