Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Hunting We Will Go

Okay. So this past week saw me going down to Raleigh and then back to New York, up to Westford and then back to New York Again. The funny part is, I had always imagined myself disliking the South, you know based on that whole Union vs. Confederacy thing. So I was shocked when I left and I found myself saying that the South is actually pretty nice. Lots of green. I don't get very much of that anywhere else. While I was down there I got a chance to go out with Greg, Seth and Elliot and we discussed some things. It was nice to see everyone again.

Anyway, so at some point on Wednesday I got settled and started focusing on accomplishing something, to gather some hard data on the overall Fedora bug situation. Mainly I wanted to get a breakdown of certain metrics, bugs by component over each release, % bugs reported by community members vs. Red Hat employees, % bugs that are really bugs vs. feature requests, % bugs that are being reported which should be upstream etc etc. I think it's really important to gather the data before we start conjuring up documentation and creating triage processes. Hopefully, in a week or so we should have a really clear and extremely detailed overview of what is going on, where it is going on, and by whom. At that point it will be a lot easier to do a handful of things.

Other than that, I just went through BZ and tried and close anything which was fixed upstream already, and just wasn't noted as such in RH BZ. Also filed a few bugs upstream and linked them into RH BZ. So at least things are moving along nicely and bigger things are starting to take form.

**Special mention of the week: The jukebox in that place in Harvard square, was it Charlie's? Man that thing kicked ass.