Friday, February 27, 2009

This Week and Next in Fedora Marketing

Fedora Marketing is getting back into good shape. We've been working hard over the past couple of weeks and this week was no different. I'll get into it things in a bit, but the most important change that people need to know about right away is that our new meeting time for Fedora Marketing Meetings is Tuesdays at 21.00 UTC. If you are available then, please join us, we would love to have as many people as possible active!

Otherwise, over the past week, we spent alot of time pruning and cleaning up our wiki space. The home page, , is much cleaner now, and there is less old junk laying around. A big thanks goes out to Steven Moix for spearheading that effort.

Speaking of Steven Moix, he is responsible for setting up the new News Distribution Network. I volunteered to take care of English language stuff and we have a couple of other languages covered, but if you want in on the action and want to get your local langauge in on the mix, please go to that page and sign up and let us know on the list!

Also, significant improvements were made with regard to marketing's workflow and the issues I discussed last week. We've adopted a new release based schedule which can be found here, which lets us lay out tasks according to where we are in the cycle and clearly see who is responsible and accountable for them. There are still elements missing from this schedule, so if you feel as though something was left out, please go ahead and add it. I still have a couple of things to add myself. This template is going to be copied for each release and the version for the current F11 release cycle lives here.

We've also made some progress on the Fedora Picture Book. We finally have a release form and you can download it and find more instructions at the link above. I think we are going to start moving forward on this pretty rapidly in the coming weeks.

All in all a good week, lots more stuff to do over the weekend, adding tasks, figuring out a place to put pictures to be uploaded, assigning tasks, etc. Should be fun, hope you'll help. We've got a good thing going...