Friday, March 13, 2009

TWiFM: This Week in Fedora Marketing 2009.03.13

This week in Fedora Marketing is brought to you by the letters P and R and the number 7. All that aside, this week was fairly quiet. I had to miss the meeting on Tuesday, and that was unfortunate because we actually discussed something very new and cool and important. As per the discussions over the last two weeks we have developed a list of features which are central to the upcoming release to which we would like to devote in depth coverage. The list can be found here. If anyone is interested in picking up the couple of remaining features that would be a great help. It basically entails interviewing the feature developer and putting it up on a wiki space and document the feature visually if its relevant.

Also, pending Ian's announcement, we are literally on the cusp of opening up submission for pictures for the picture book. Hope to be able to update on that real soon now.