Friday, April 03, 2009

Louder Now

Ah, another successful week!  I was really glad and proud that we made it through the beta without too much fuss.  We hit all the goals we set for the Fedora Marketing team on time and on schedule with relative ease.  Otherwise, I was pretty annoyed that for some reason my feed dropped of Planet for a couple of days and I ended up talking to myself when I thought I was broadcasting.  I ended up having to track down people separately and make sure they were taking care of things, but everyone was at the top of their game.

We cleaned up some wiki stuff the early part of the week in prep for the beta, and I went through a couple more pages just to make sure everything was all good after last weeks tightening up.  One of the posts I put up while I was off planet was to remind people on the News Distribution Network to get on their ponies and start emailing their group of people. One thing that we need to talk about with the Translations team is about preempting the rush with translating stuff, and those meetings are going to be taking place next week.

Now though, its time we step into high gear.  Although there are less small tasks, we have the few big ones in the run up to release left.  They are also pretty cool projects which are also a lot of fun and if anyone is interested in helping out you can always join the fed0ra-marketing list or find us on irc.

First and foremost, on fp.o site, you should be seeing a banner similar to this rolling around: 

This is for the Fedora Picture Book which the Marketing team is working on.  I couldn't figure out how to make that a link, so I'll put it here.  If you have any pictures and want to be in the book or know someone who does, click it now--TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

Next up, this coming Tuesday is the deadline for submitting your slogan ideas for F11.  If you have something good, make sure you visit here and add it.  We will be discussing the submission at the marketing meeting on Tuesday and hope to decide on something so that it can be forwarded to the art team, etc.

We have also started work on a Press Kit.  Not just a one time thing, but something which is professional, classy and can be updated for each release.  It aggregates a bit of the various pieces of information on the wiki and makes them look nice and presentable.  Steven Moix has been working on press kit content in French while others of us are just working on layout and other ideas in general.  You can take a look at a preview here.  The content is just nonsense pasted in from various pages on the wiki, but its more for general idea.  Hopefully we can use what Steven and the guys come up with and just translate it to any language we want, stick it in the template and voila!

Otherwise, myself and Yannik have started working on the Faces of Fedora campaign again, and we have a list of people who we'll be contacting to submit stuff as we work on guidelines for general submission from everyone.

Overall, good times, and I am very proud of all the great work everyone on the team is doing.  If there was ever a fun place in the project to get involved this is it!