Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fedora 11 Beta

Fedora 11 Beta was just released minutes ago, you can get your copy fresh here: http://fedoraproject.org/get-prerelease.

This is prime time for the marketing time. If you have any tasks that are due for beta, Today would be the day to make sure those are wrapped up. We are going to take a look at those today and start looking forward to the GA release.

Also, if you are part of the News Distribution Network, please make sure that you have the beta announcement translated and try and contact press from the contact list and point them to the announcement, to other relevant information and figure out how you can help them spread the news!

Friday, March 20, 2009

{Insert Slogan Here}

Fedora 11 is right around the corner!!  This week during the beta readiness meeting, mizmo mentioned that we were still missing  slogan, or tag line, for the upcoming release.  Seeing as this has marketing's name all over it, I figured we should start working on this.  There were a few funny suggestions, but I ask you in earnest, what do you think our upcoming release slogan should be?

I set up a wiki page here with some keywords, which I hope people will continue to add to and I hope that from there we can begin to add some spices to the soup and come up with something great.

Show us what you got...

Friday, March 13, 2009


Title says it all...

TWiFM: This Week in Fedora Marketing 2009.03.13

This week in Fedora Marketing is brought to you by the letters P and R and the number 7. All that aside, this week was fairly quiet. I had to miss the meeting on Tuesday, and that was unfortunate because we actually discussed something very new and cool and important. As per the discussions over the last two weeks we have developed a list of features which are central to the upcoming release to which we would like to devote in depth coverage. The list can be found here. If anyone is interested in picking up the couple of remaining features that would be a great help. It basically entails interviewing the feature developer and putting it up on a wiki space and document the feature visually if its relevant.

Also, pending Ian's announcement, we are literally on the cusp of opening up submission for pictures for the picture book. Hope to be able to update on that real soon now.

Friday, March 06, 2009

TWiFM: This Week in Fedora Marketing

Marketing is moving forward very quickly and making lots of good progress. The first notable item to advertise this week is that the marketing meetings have shifted time, to 21.00 UTC, in #fedora-mktg. This ended being the most convenient time for a large group of people to congregate so after discussion on the list we decided to move things to then. More information on the Marketing meetings, including logs can be found here.

Next, on the Fedora Picture Book front, things are moving quickly. Thank to Ian Weller there is a wealth of information on the wiki page. Most importantly is that if you want to be involved, go to the page, download, sign and send the release form to the proper place. We should start accepting photo submissions as early as next week, so hurry and get a move on if you want your pics to get approved in time for the book.

Also, everything else on the *NEW* Schedule is going as planned. If anyone sees anything that should be on there that isn't please let me know and add it! A huge thanks to Steven Moix for taking care of everything related to the new news distribution network. We have a hefty list of publications and press people now linked off that page so that we can easily keep track of who we contacted and spoke to.

I've personally been working on wrangling feature owners that want to be involved with the press push for the release. If you own something cool and want to make sure it gets well publicized for the release and I haven't spoke to you yet, please drop me an email. I'm also hoping to have the talking points completed for this Tuesday's meeting now that the feature freeze is done.

There was also a very interesting discussion at the tail end of last weeks meeting regarding a great idea that Gerold Kassube had for establishing a new format for marketing and just distributing information in general, revolving around the four foundations. If you're interested read the log, but more on that to come...