Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Up Here In My Tree

Okay, so here's the status log. I didn't have any time to post the last few weeks because we were planning and putting on LinuxWorld and FUDCon. Anyway, everything went off fantastic. I got to Boston on Sunday, met Byte, Nasrat and PJones. Then we did something and I finally got to Joe's and settled in. Joe kicks ass man, I wish I had more time to chill with him, but his asshole professor gave him a test which he was studying for all week.

Monday saw us getting to Hynes and fixing up the booth. Drove to Westford and saw everyone's cubes and met everyone under the sun. Tuesday was Day 1 of LinuxWorld and thus began the whirlwind that was the week. Most popular booth question: "How did you fit it all on one CD?" Everything went well on Tuesday and Wednesday and then we had our meetings on Thursday which I got stuck not attending because I had to man booth. I'm not bitter though, its all in a day's work. Luckily, I had Dennis G. and some other random folks including Fin and Jeremy from LQ to keep me company in the booth. I also spent Thursday morning trying to get VoIP working and once it finally did work, (Thanks to Mark and crew @ Digium) no one wanted to use it. Got some Oreilly books that I divied up once I got back to Syracuse.

Friday was FUDCon. It kicked ass. First question of the day when I came to set up was "Where is Havoc Pennington, I need to speak to him." Some guy came at 7:30 just to see you Havoc!! Overall, everything went smoother than expected and it was a blast. We had some issues with the streaming which were worked out and thanks to Thomas for Flumotion. It kicks ass and I am going to present it to the Syracuse University Board as a solution for doing recording and streaming of classes. Some people I have spoken to already love it, they were skeptical of doing it with WMV and faced some resistance. Anyway FUDCon went well, we gave out lots of shirts and have some really nice sessions and actually got some work with regards to policy done. So overall things went surprisingly well, look for the rest of the slides and video of the sessions to go up to the website as soon as possible.

Got back to Syracuse, aka the great depression where it is always snowing, on Sunday and hurried to make up the school work. Which I am procrastinating from writing this blog entry.

There is a long list of people to thank so here goes:
Michael Tiemann, Greg DeKoenisgberg, Colin Charles, Warren Togami, Seth Vidal, Tim Lee, Erik Logan, Everyone at Red Hat, Ender and yes even Eric Raymond who spoke at and made FUDCon possible--you know who guys are and listing you all would mean making this even longer than it is.
The whole lot of people at BU who made everything possible. Thanks for your gracious hosting, catering and sponsoring of the event. Pam Andrews, Aaron Caine, Matt Miller, Paul Stauffer, Jeff Albro and everyone else.

The people that made LinuxWorld great as always when friends get together from far corners of the world. Jeremy, Fin, TrickyKid and all the LQ guys, Sam Ockman, Brian Aker, Pete Z, the romanian anti-virus company that not only makes Linux AV software but has the balls to give out condoms as a marketing ploy, the person that made the RH Red Sox jerseys, Marty Connor for throwing a party for the .orgs, the LTSP guys who helped us carry shit and loaned us a thin client for the booth and everyone else in the .ORG Pavilion who just made every second a memorable one.