Thursday, June 09, 2005

FUDConIII Call for Locations

We are currently researching the possibility of having a third FUDCon take place around the time of LinuxWorld San Fran, Aug 8-11. Therefore, we are looking for institutions in the area, and there are many, who would be interested in possibly hosting us. The only main prerequisites are as follows:

1. We prefer it to be an academic institution if at all possible.
2. That it be reasonably close to San Francisco proper, although exceptions might be made if there are sufficient transportation options.
3. The institution and/or it's constituents are involved in some way, shape, or form with Linux, Open Source and obviously, preferably Fedora.

If you think your place fits the above criteria and would be willing to host a FUDCon please click here to send email to both myself and fedora-marketing-list and let us know.