Friday, October 20, 2006

It Rains on Our Parade

The Mets were just eliminated from the postseason. I am deeply saddened by this fact. The team with the best record in baseball was just beaten by the team with the least wins coming into the postseason. It's a terrible tragedy and its very fitting and tragic that it was raining throughout most of the game while the Mets were experiencing an offensive drought.

You're not going to win games when you let key opportunities slip through your grip. Teams without good starting pitching will never win, even if those who fill in are successful in that role. Leaving 11 men on base, while your worst pitcher is 1 hitting the other team, is no recipe for success. As good as the Mets bullpen was all season, they gave up the game, but I don't blame them. I don't fault Aaron Heilman for giving up the home run.

The blame is all Willie Randolph's. He has made some horrible mistakes managing the team throughout this series. The most blatant being letting Oliver Perez continue to pitch, although he is bouncing pitches in the dirt, to pitch to Scott Rolen. Thank God for Endy Chavez and his Spiderman like leaping ability. Letting Cliff Floyd swing away in the bottom of the 9th. Also, why let Heilman continue to pitch the 9th when in the same situation he brought in Wagner in Game 2 (a game in which the Mets also had the lead 3 times and gave it up).

All in all it was an excellent, but the bitter taste in Mets' fans mouths will not be washed away quickly.