Monday, June 01, 2009

Add This

I recently added something new to my blog and feed which seems very useful to me and I figured I would share it. I used to have a bunch of buttons to help people submit stories to different social news sites like digg, link aggregators like and or to save bookmark them online or other similar services. This took up a lot of space under each post and barely ever worked correctly. Certain links would always end up missing and it would never render right.

Today, I added an "addthis" bar to the bottom of each post. You can see it down below. See it? Its really handy and really cool and when you click on it it will open new overlay or page and let you select where you want this post to go, whether its email, print or sites like digg, facebook, newsvine, technorati, etc. Its pretty cool I suggest everyone give it a try to help simplifying you blog and feed management.