Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Sad and Happy...

Well, first of all I am sad because I today realized that I lost about 200 of my CD's. I got a flat on the highway and in my haste and hurry to get out the spare tire, I unloaded the trunk and then left my CD's on the side of the road. The CD I will miss the most is my Thornley "Come Again" CD and of course all the Pearl Jam stuff I lost, although I liked all those CD's and most of them were new bands. Then again, I only have myself to blame.

I am however happy that LinuxWorld and FedoraCon are taking shape. LinuxWorld is pretty much all in the books, I sent the showguide info to IDG today, which is the last of the necessary paperwork they need from us. We were also invited for candidacy into the Product Excellence Awards. FedoraCon is also starting to come together, most likely on Thursday Feb. 17th P.M. and then all day Friday the 18th at MIT. None of those are set in stone.

The plan for FedoraCon is as follows, which was discussed with myself and Colin. First, get some ballpark figures as to how many people will be coming. Second, allocate space. Third, start planning the show based on the agenda put together by the advisory board that comes together. The more people we have, the more tracks we can hope to have. Hopefully, the first numbers will start coming in tomorrow.

P.S. If anyone is traveling on the I-81 south between Syracuse and Nedrow and spots 2 bottles of washer fluid and large bag with CD's please contact me. :p Thanks.