Saturday, December 25, 2004

Who Makes These Names?

I've been playing with Zope and Plone since midweek trying to see if the combination is worthy enough of powering In a word: SWEET. They are both written in Python, which is always a plus and Plone is quite powerful and has some nice features, such as workflow control, document security, and an ACL system. It's also very paranoid when it comes to the outside facing content and thats a good thing. This might be just what we've been looking for. The only downside, is that being written in Python it is rather slow unless you tweak it a little, and there are many tweaks, one of them being using an RDBMS as the backend for all the data. Also, Zope and Plone are nowhere to be found in extras, for one reason or another, unbeknownst to myself. Any volunteers?