Friday, January 14, 2005

Extra, Extra! FUDCon is On

The Fedora Project Announces Its First Conference

The Fedora Project, a Red-Hat-sponsored and community-supported open source project, today announced a packed program for their first international conference.

The Fedora Users and Developers Conference, affectionately termed FUDCon, is the first of its kind, which aims to bring together both users and developers alike. It is to be held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge, Mass. on February 18th, 2005.

The conference promises an eclectic mix of sessions, bringing together the interests and expertise of those involved in The Fedora Project. Sessions will be conducted in a two-track format, for users and developers, with talks ranging from Package Management to Stateless Linux, to the current state of the Fedora Project.

The Fedora Users and Developers Conference provides the opportunity to meet the community, developers, and users that are contributing to The Fedora Project, to exchange ideas and advance the project forward.

Keynotes and sessions delivered from a varied panel of speakers include Michael Tiemann, Vice President, Open Source Affairs at Red Hat, as well as Havoc Pennington, Desktop Architect at Red Hat.

Did we mention that attendance to the conference was FREE?

For full conference details, and for details on how to register your
attendance, see:

FUDCon is graciously co-sponsored by Red Hat, Inc. and Pogo Linux, Inc.

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