Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What Did You Learn In School Today?

So I was sitting in a class today and the professor kept rambling on about software development methodology and blah, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, as my mind started to wander I started to think about many things and had sort of an epiphany. It's not really an epiphany because I already knew all these things, but today I realized that I just wanted to list them and accept them as being truths and try and learn from them. It seemed very important to do at the time which is why I'm doing it now, even though the mystique has worn off more than just a little at this point.

  1. People drive technology, technology doesn't drive people. No matter how good or creative a design is, if it is not pleasing to people, they won't care.
  2. Standards are crucial in all facets of life. It's the rules of engagement.
  3. Group Dynamics are important to study. I always thought I would be wasting time learning all that "dumb shit" about groups and people and relationships, but today, and this was my epiphany I guess, this shit is actually interesting. How elements interact and what each bring to the table. Its like Chemistry but on a more abstract scale. I guess that's why I like it. And especially in Open Source development where everything is a meritocracy and group interaction is clutch, its good to learn these things.
  4. Windows sucks and so does Microsoft. But we all knew that one. ;)
  5. The 60's never really died.
  6. There is but one eternal truth and that is "Software."
My next two blog entries will expound on the last two. I would do it now, but I am dead tired and its 02:46 and I need to be up at 08:00.

P.S. You would think that Blogger would have the word blog on their dictionary. Well apparently they don't. WTF is up with that?