Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Skillz that Killz

Okay, so I'm back for 2k5 and looking to blog. Here goes the post New Years wrap up. I didn't do anything special for new years, in fact I spent the night of the 31st sleeping. I was too tired to care and knew that my celebration would be coming in the night of the 1st anyway. I was however, woken up at 00:10 by really loud fireworks that went on for a good hour or so.

On Saturday night, the crew took me out for my birthday, which was already on Thursday. We went to some Japanese place that was awesome and I had lots of sashimi and incredible udon soup. I hadn't had udon in a few months, so it really hit the spot. Then comes the celebration!

On Sunday the 2nd, I was invited to Atlantic City as a birthday gift by my good friend Dan. We all had a lot of fun and won bags of money. I hit a $20 bet on 17 on the roulette wheel, which paid very well, and I also did nicely in blackjack the whole weekend. Dan hit four-of-a-kind Jacks playing Let it Ride and we got comped lots of free food, drinks and a suite at the Resorts Casino and Hotel.

Part of this comp was 4 tickets to see Snoop Dogg live and in concert. Snoop showed up 2 hours late amid rumors that his wife was taken to the hospital. What I think happened, though, is that the delayed 2 hours so that Donovan McNabb could arrive. The second he came in, Snoop magically appeared on stage. The show was awesome and very fun, as I imagined a Snoop show would be, never having been to one before. The best part though was that Donovan McNabb was sitting 4 inches in front of where we were and at one point, I called out to him and said "Donovan, SU '04." He turned around smiling and gave me a pound and said "SU Love." It was cool to have connected with someone you never thought you could relate to and all.

Anyway, Donovan was very cool the whole time and was very into Snoop Dogg and the concert was awesome. We then stayed up gambling until like 8 in the morning and Dan had a very interesting game of blackjack with the man now dubbed "The Blackjack assassin." I wish I had taken a picture of that guy.

The next morning we woke up and went back to gambling for a few hours until checkout and won some more cash and laughed at the funny things Dan did the night before. All in all it was a great trip and I really need to thank Dan for one of the best belated birthday gifts that I have ever had in my life.

I also watched Dodgeball (HILARIOUS!!!) on the night of my birthday, which is how this entry got it's title. I think it describes quite well how we made out like bandits in AC.

Shout out to Joe - Good Night and God Bless.

Now back to reality and setting up FedoraCon.